Serving Kenyan Meals in the Heart of Germany

Hellen Wambui Nintemann African Dishes

Hellen Wambui Nintemann has been wowing tongues in Osnabrück for years with mouth watering Kenyan meals. The food that she prepares using natural ingredients and served in the most beautiful traditional way…..She uses clay pots, calabashes and gourds in serving her food or just decorating the tables.She has been working for years in the food industry within Osnabrück, known by many either through her company, African Dishes or her stand at most cultural events. She also holds regular cooking classes and has been featured in many renowned media portals. Her clients range from the kawaida Heike that comes to her stand at the events to big corporates and trade fairs like CeBIT, IFA, Frankfurter Musikmesse)

You’d be tempted to think all she does is cook, but Hellen is involved in many other activities as she acts as an ambassador. Once in a while she takes part in the Globales Lernen Program (read what that is: Globales Lernen Program), where she teaches children about kikuyu culture and about Kenya. Last time she took her brother along who dressed as a maasai, and the kids were ecstatic.

She’s also an actress and musician, she’s currently part of a play termed the Liedprojekt. A project that aims to bring people from around the world to sing songs from their home countries and tell stories about themselves.

Hellen is married to a fellow entrepreneur, Jan Nintemann who owns the trade fair project agency Global Fairs TT-Messe and who co-founded Nintemann Telecom, today NT plus the telecommunications brand of today’s ALSO Deutschland GmbH.

She’s such an inspiration, I wish her all the best as she continues with her job.

Incase you’d like to get in touch with her:

Helen Wambui Nintemann
Bohmter Straße 40
D-49074 Osnabrück
Fon +49 (0) 5 41/9 71 26-15
Fax +49 (0) 5 41/9 71 26-66

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