German Pensioner Charged with Attempted murder for pushing a Foreigner’s Child on the Road in a Racial Attack


In Coburg, is a German pension seating in jail for attempted murder. The German woman had met this foreign woman along the street and had started abusing her with racial slurs. The foreign women who was with her 3children didn’t say much which seemed to irk the German pensioner even more.

To prove her frustrations, she pushed the oldest of the lady’s 3 children on to the busy street. Fortunately for the 4 year old, the drivers were able to see him early enough to brake. The boy did get a few scratches from falling on the rough street before his mother could bring him back to safety. Nothing happened to the other children.

I hope something is done to this woman, it’s too common for the police to charge natives with such serious offences only for the charges to be dropped when they get to court and the criminal is set free. Remember Nelly from Austria? She continues to walk around with a broken leg, yet whoever caused it walked away scot free.

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