An interview with Nelly, the Kenyan pushed on U-Bahn tracks

Nelly W. the Kenyan woman who was attacked in Wien on Saturday (Read story: Kenyan woman pushed on Subway Tracks for Loud Cell Conversation), was visited by a journalist and answered a few questions.

The police have since gotten hold of the tape with the recording of what happened on that fateful day at the U-Bahn station.

Ö24: Hallo Nelly W. how are you doing?
Nelly: My whole body hurts, my head, my back, my elbow and above all my leg
Ö24: What really happened on Saturday?
Nelly: My friend Sharon and I were waiting for the U2 at the station on Taborstraße. I was on the phone then suddenly a man neither of us knew started cursing at me. I don’t want to repeat the words he used, they were horrible

Ö24: But according to media reports, it’s his wife who was cursing at you.
Nelly: No, he was the one that was cursing at me. He was very aggressive while doing it. His words were so hurtful, I feel like crying just thinking about them. I asked him what I had done to him, to deserve such words.

Ö24: Then what happened?
Nelly: He hit my face with his fist and my glasses broke. Then he pushed me onto the tracks resulting in my broken leg.

Ö24: And how did you get back on the platform?
Nelly: I could hardly move. As I lay there a lady and a man shouted, “Please get up, the U-Bahn is coming”. I stretched out my hand and the helped me back up. The whole thing was horrific

Ö24: And what was Sharon doing at the time?
Nelly: She held on to the man’s wife as the man had already run away.

Ö24: Are you afraid of ever riding on the U-Bahn?
Nelly: Riding the U-Bahn? No. But I’ll be more cautious of strangers from now on. The whole experience made me wonder how cruel some people can be.

Courtesy: Ö24

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