Rebecca Lolosoli, the Matriach of the Women’s Village, Touring Germany

Rebecca Lolosoli

Rebecca Lolosoli born in the Samburu district in 1962, is best known for her work in empowering Samburu women.

She was unable to complete her studies due to lack of school fees and she got married instead. Her heart to help women and girls who were abused led to her being beaten by men from the village. When she noticed that her husband didn’t oppose her actions nor those from the men who beat her, she decided to leave him.

She formed the Umoja women’s group that aimed at creating a livelihood for the women and girls who had been abused and/or marginalised within the community. They started manyatta dukas where they sold maize flour and sugar but that didn’t kick of well and it eventually died. Not deterred they started on jewellery, which caught the eye of Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) who took them for further training to improve their products for the tourists.

Years later, the group has grown to have their own village where men are only allowed in if they agree to follow the rules set by the women, failure to which they are kicked out.

Rebecca and her group have gone on to win several awards for their amazing work. Rebecca wrote a book, Half the Sky which was translated to German “Mama Mutig” which she’ll be promoting during her tour in Germany.

You can read more about her and what she does at her website: Umoja Women. You can catch up with her at the following places:

Wednesday, 9th Oct 2013


Bibabuze Buchhandlung

Aachener Str. 1

40233 Düsseldorf

Entry fee €6


Thursday, 10th Oct 2013


GIZ Bonn
Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 40
53113 Bonn
Saal „Nil“


Städt.  Jugendclubheim Westend

Alexianerstraße 6,

41061 Mönchengladbach

Entry fee €5

Registration by 9.10.2013

Heike Staub,  02166/391948,


Friday, 11th Oct 2013

6pm Benefizveranstaltung im Posttower in Bonn


Saturday, 12th Oct 2013

11am  Empfang Evangelische Kirche Köln-Weidenpesch mit Vortrag

7pm  „Mädchen als Motor für Entwicklung“ Weltmädchentag – Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum,


Monday, 14th Oct 2013

2pm Gesamtschule Brühl, Europaschule NRW Ralf Rademacher, SoWi, Geschichtskurs Jahrgangsstufe 12

7pm Essen;  Buchhandlung Maria Gimbel, Restaurant „Zur schönen Aussicht“


Tuesday, 15th Oct 2013

1pm Georg Büchner Gymnasium, Köln Weiden


Wednesday, 16th Oct 2013

7pm Lesung in der VHS, Münster


Thursday, 17th Oct 2013

Münster Schulveranstaltung

3pm Lesung in der Justizvollzugsanstalt, Werl

7pm Lesung im Museum Forum der Völker, Werl


Friday 18th Oct 2013

Ursulinengymnasium Werl, Schlossstr. 5, 59457 Werl, Tel. 02922/5017

Schulen in Köln


Saturday 19th Oct 2013

Rebecca in Frankfurt bei MAWENI

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