Doris Alushula, Kindergarten FSJerin from Moers

For most cities in Germany, FSJ has mainly been for Germans wishing to volunteer within the country or abroad thus making it surprising for most when it’s a foreigner seeking to volunteer in Germany. One search case is the 25 year old, Doris Aluhula, originally from Mombasa.

Doris who originally came as an au pair, wanted to stay and gather practical experience. She had worked in Kenya as an English, Mathematics and CRE teacher before moving to Germany and undertaken a few German courses at the Goethe in Mombasa.

She calls her family regularly and though her mother misses her, she agrees she should stay and follow her dreams. As Doris enjoys her time with the kids during her FSJ as a Kindergarten teacher, she has a lot planned but at the top of the list is to visit the Dom in Cologne.

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