Ann Njoroge – The Desert Star from Luckenwalde

Ann Njoroge Wüstenstern

After a holiday in Kenya and the usual homesickness that accompanies such a trip for most diasporans, Ann Njoroge decided to start a place where she could relive some of those feelings albeit far from Kenya. Her plan was to start a restaurant where she could cook African food and generally enjoy an African atmosphere, but she had one worry: Would the people in Luckenwalde embrace such a place?

Determined she looked for premises when she returned from her trip to Kenya, got it renovated and opened the doors to  the “Wüstenstern” (Desert Star) on 2nd March this year. The former translator at the Liberian Embassy was pleasantly surprised by the response to her restaurant.

Albeit it took sometime to convert the whole premises into a creation that would bring the African feeling, all the work was worth it. The restaurant enjoyed a full house when they opened their doors and on subsequent evenings leading to an expansion from the initial 60places to double that number. The premises now include the “Oase” (Oasis) which is a beer garden and shisha bar.

The Wüstenstern offers reservations for those planning for events. The menu includes sea food, fried plantain, fish, meat and vegetables made using African recipes. They also offer some African drinks like the Mango beer.

Interested in checking them out? You can find them at:


Afrikanische Bar & Restaurant

Käthe-Kollwitz-Straße 4

14943 Luckenwalde


Facebook: Wüstenstern

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