Nuru is back home in Kenya

Remember baby Nuru who couldn’t hear and was here to undergo treatment and operations to make it possible for him to hear? Well, he left Salzburg for Kenya yesterday, Sunday 9th Dec at 8:05pm.

He could actually hear as from 28th November. He still has two more operations to go but the next one will be in 6years, when he’ll be a little older.
As he returns to Kenya with his mother, the sponsors have organised for him to join the Braeburn School in Arusha. Remember he couldn’t hear since he was born, so he’ll be undertaking quite a task there going to school with children who could hear since they were born. The school fees is about €500-€700 a Semester.

For those willing to help fund his education, you can contribute to:

Kurt Wimmer P.S.K. 
Kontonummer 50110111344 
BLZ 60000 
IBAN AT466000050110111344 
Zweck: „Hilfsprojekt “NURU” 

We wish Nuru and his family all the best, and look forward to hearing more on his progress.

You can read the other articles I wrote about Nuru below, I first featured him and his mother in September when he arrived in Salzburg. See how time flies, now he can actually hear yet when he arrived 2months ago he had never heard any voices before. The wonders of this world.
– Nuru -the 12 year old maasai gets to hear for the first time
– Nuru getting his 2nd operation

Or you can visit his facebook page to know more about what goes on in his life: Nurus Tagesbuch

Below is a documentary on Nuru’s life, and the operation he went through. You can watch it below but if it doesn’t work, click on this link:

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