Need a New Year’s Resolution?

leymah gbowee

Today, I proudly present a guest writer, Mtume….any amazing lady and I hope she’ll be sharing more with us in the coming year, and I hope to have more of you willingly share with us through this platform. Here is her article aimed at the women in regards to their New Year’s resolutions. Enjoy

Need a New Year´s Resolution?

Relationship advice, Make-up tips, Super Mini-skirts and the last “man” (Pun intended) standing- is this all what we are? The average Kenyan woman in Germany has an opinion to all the above but ask her about politics, the economy, the issue of sex tourism, the Hague and all you get if your lucky is something like “well at least I know who´s running for president”.

It’s a shame that we as Kenyan women are missing out on the conversation. For too long we have sat on the fence and allowed ourselves to be swayed with the wind when it comes to matters that matter. Why is that? Well one thing is for sure- a woman´s worst enemy is other women! We are ready to tear each other apart, pick out all the mistakes the other one is doing while the men take over our money, our morals and basically our future. Aren´t we better than that?

Take any war anywhere in the world. Women are the first to be affected by infrastructure breakdown, as they struggle to keep families together and care for the wounded. Yet they are repaid with the deadliest weapon of war- rape which is often deployed systematically to achieve military or political objectives. After the war it is these same women who pick themselves up and rebuild homes and families broken. Don’t we owe it to these women and to our own future to at least try and better ourselves? Each of us has a passion for something; each of us can do something however small to make sure that we are heard. It begins with being aware of the issues, having an opinion and making that opinion known.

So instead of having New Year´s resolutions such losing weight- which we all know doesn’t happen try this; decide to keep yourself informed about issues that affect you, our country and our continent as a whole. Take is upon yourself to always be armed with information and facts. And most importantly, don’t be quiet. Be a part of the discussion. As you stir and knead in the kitchen, listen to the news, keep that kitchen door open and make your stand known on every discussion. My point is simply this- To make a change you have to be part of that change.

Now I know the men reading this are thinking -another feminist. Call me what you want but let´s get a few facts straight. I don´t believe I should get a free pass at things because am woman, but neither should my feminity be a reason to deny me of my God given rights. I am all for culture and traditions and am no big fan of emancipation but that said I believe that Africa´s future lies in the hands women. Men have tried and failed. We who have held society together for centuries need to step up and take up the demons destroying our continent.

“We are tired of war. We are tired of running. We are tired of begging for bulgur wheat. We are tired of our children being raped. We are now taking this stand, to secure the future of our children. Because we believe, as custodians of society, tomorrow our children will ask us, “Mama, what was your role during the crisis?” – Leymah Roberta Gbowee

As an addition to this lovely post, I insist you watch Leymah’s speech on “Unpopular but Progressive” (click here to watch), I believe it is high time for us to be willing to do and say things that are unpopular but will help our soceities progress to the next level.

Thank you Mtume and I hope you’ve inspired others to share their stories here in the new year.

Happy New Year to you all.

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