Court Process for Kenyan Accused of Murder in Ebersdorf Continues

The court process for Kenyan lady in Ebersdorf accused of plotting with her lover to kill her husband continues. The lady and her ex-lover have been reporting to the District Court of Chemnitz since the process started in June.

Susan A. (31) who had earlier been identified as Armina A. and her ex-boyfriend Jan D. (39) have been accused of colluding to hack Karl-Ekkehart (†58) to death with a machete on 13th September 2016.

Court Date: 7th June

The court process began in room 0.36 at the Chemnitz District Court. Susan told the court that she stands with her earlier version of what happened that fateful night. Three masked men entered her home, killed her husband and chopped off her Achilles’ tendons.

Jan on the other hand, shared with the court an hour long confession, with details on the planning and the execution of the act at Susan’s home. Jan accused Susan of asking him to kill Karl-Ekkehart as early as 2013. Jan was first asked to look for a gun, then they tried to find an assassin for the job, whom Jan found that cost 30,000 euros, but none of that worked. In 2015, they both went to the Czech Republic to buy crystal meth. In September 2015, they attempted to kill Karl-Ekkehart by injecting him with the crystal meth but even that did not succeed.

Jan told the court that he was unable to refuse Susan anything she asked for, claiming Susan threatened him that she would take the children back to Kenya and he would never get to see them again.

“I did all this for my daughter,” Jan told the court with tears rolling down his face.. “I was a slave to Ms. A’s wishes. She could ask me to do anything for her. I was under duress,” he said haltingly.

It’s believed Jan made a deal with the state prosecutor is he confessed to the crime.

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Court Date: 8th June

The second day of proceedings had the Kriminalhauptkommissar (Chief Superintendent) come in an give an evaluation of the reconstruction of what might have happened that night.

According to the Kriminalhauptkommissar, Karl-Ekkehart had no chance at surviving the attack that night. “The way she was sitting on him, with her legs on his ears, he couldn’t see nor hear anybody enter the room”, Kriminalhauptkommissar Andreas Franz told the court.

“The deceased was lying in a huge pool of blood,” a paramedic that was called in to Susan’s house that night told the courtroom, “the blood had shot up to the ceiling.”

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Court Date: 12th June

Susan A. was born on 13th April 1986 in a small village in Kenya and named Nyamokami. At only 12 years old, Susan and her sister would run away from home to go live in Mombasa, an escape from the hard life in the village and the violent father. Her four brothers were left behind. She met a German missonary, who was kind enough to pay for her education. At 16, she trained to be a Masseuse. In 2006, at only 20, she met Karl-Ekkehart at a salon and in 2007, she moved to Germany and married him. The love affairs began, in 2011, she had Jan’s child then in 2015 yet another. Her husband became a drunk. In 2016, he was ready to go separate ways.

Before his murder, Karl-Ekkehart received an SMS that threatened his life. Apparently, Susan’s brother who lives in Kenya had heard about the divorce plans and threatened it would “get dangerous” if Karl-Ekkehart continued with his plans.

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Court Date: 19th June

Jan is originally from Chemnitz and all his friends describe him as extremely kind-hearted and helpful. None of his friends or family members would trust him to kill a fly, much less kill a human being. A member of the local voluntary fire brigade, seems he was the happy go-lucky friend everyone turned to. His neighbour, Renè K. (40) told the court they met after the murder and Jan was worried about the kids and what would happen to them and that he wasn’t responsible for the murder.

A night after the murder, Jan went to hang out with the voluntary fire brigade.

Court Date: 3rd July

Investigators are certain, Susan’s earlier version that she and her husband had been attacked by a trio wearing masks is a lie.

Witness accounts and investigations have led to the revelation that Susan must have planned the murder after her husband Karl-Ekkehart demanded for a divorce.

Further accounts accuse Susan of being money hungry, specifically Jan’s father claims that Susan repeatedly asked Jan to give her money, which Jan resulted in begging and loaning from friends.

Jan-Günther D. (75): “She wanted him to buy her a house in Frankenberg for 165,000 euros. He has always asked for money, which he needed for her. Right now, Jan still owes around 3500 euros to friends. A sum I will have to pay off.”

But Susan was not always bad, as narrated by Ursula S. (87), lady Susan cared for at one of the assisted geriatric living homes.  “I’m totally shocked. She [Susan] was always kind and helpful. And now she has become a beast. Susan A. has always talked about her troubled past in Kenya. It was really bad for her there. She was happy her husband took her out of it. She has always stressed that she does not have much and so when I moved to the geriatric nursing home four years ago, I left her almost everything from my former apartment, including a kitchen with electrical appliances. I would never have guessed what was going on in her head,” Ursula S. told the court on 3rd July.

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Court Date: 10th July

After Jan was arrested, on 6th December, he was accompanied by the police to the scene of the crime where he gave a detailed breakdown of what happened that fateful night. The narration was recorded and played in court on the 10th of July. In the recording, Jan is seen to be looking around the room, then he starts crying and wipes away the tears with a pocket tissue as the police look on. One police officer walks to the kitchen and brings Jan a glass of water.

According to Jan’s recollection, he walked into the room on that fateful night having been let in by Susan. He walked into the bedroom and found Susan sitting on her husband’s face evidently in the middle of something. ” She turned around and looked into my face. With one strike, I pulled out the machete and cut through Karl-Ekkehart’s throat”. At this time, Jan is holding a miniature machete replaying what happened that night as the police continue to record.

Shocked, Karl-Ekkehart turned and held Jan’s right arm. “We stumbled backwards. I bounced against the wall and we both fell to he ground, ” Jan recounts “I had his blood all over my face”.

Susan who at this time had had her Achilles’ Tendons cut was looking on. “Then she grabbed her cell phone and called the police”. Jan then puts on his sneakers, carefully slung on the wall and disappears with his bicycle in the Ebersdorfer night.

Court Date: 17th July

But did Jan kill Karl-Ekkehart for the love of Susan? That is still not clear. Susan is accused of repeatedly cheating on her husband, having had two children with her lovers, one of whom was Jan.

Jan constantly tried to get in touch with his 6 year old daughter, although not always in the most sober ways. “One evening, Jan showed up at 10 pm drunk and stood in front of the house. I sent him home,”Susan’s neighbour, Steffen O. (57) recalls.

During one of those late night drunk visits in the summer of 2016, the police were called in. Jan was arrested for drunk-driving. Jan had driven to the house and Karl-Ekkehart must have told the police that he was driving under the influence.

On 16th August 2016, Jan was attacked and beaten up not far from his house. Some friends claim that after the attack, Jan while drunk had told them, his life would be much better with Karl-Ekkehart dead. Four weeks later, Karl-Ekkehart was murdered in his home.


Court Date: 31st July

On Monday, 31st July, the emergency call made by Susan on that fateful night at 10.36pm (22:36 Uhr) was played in the court room. She shouted and stammered, “I need help, please. They killed him. He was stabbed. Come quickly!”. A total of four emergency calls were dialed within six minutes from Susan’s house phone.

The proceedings are currently on summer break and will continue on the 21st of August where a judgement should be given.

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