Trial Begins for Kenyan Accused of Plotting With Lover to Kill Husband

Images of Armina A. (l.) during happier times and (r.) in May 2017 before the start of the court process. Courtesy: Chemnitzer Morgenpost

The trial of a Kenyan lady accused of plotting with one of her lovers to kill her husband is set to begin later this week. Details emerging from the investigations reveal, she not only helped in the planning but also in the execution of the plot to get her husband killed.

A few days before the start of the trial against a 32 year old Kenyan lady, Armina A. for being an accomplice to the murder of her 58 year old German husband Ekkehart H., show that she did more than just plot for the murder. According to Chemnitzer Morgenpost, the state prosecutor believes that Armina was the brain behind the whole incident. It is believed that Armina opened the door for her ex-boyfriend Jan D. and as he was in the basement wearing the mask and picking the machete used to cut off Ekkehart’s throat; Armina seduced Ekkehart into having sex. The Bild Zeitung goes further to explain that as they were engaged into intercourse, Jan D. came into the room and chopped Ekkehart’s throat. As Jan was attempting to chop off Ekkehart’s shin, he’s aim was off and he ended up chopping off Armina’s achilles tendons.

The incident that shocked residence of Ebersdorf has seen Armina labelled “die schwarze Witwe von Ebersdorf” (the black widow of Ebersdorf). The trial is set to begin on 7th June, a day before Armina and Ekkehart’s would be 10th wedding anniversary. Armina is yet to answer to the charges since her arrest. The trial will run for eleven days and will see 62 witnesses and seven experts weigh in on the matter. The couple got married in 2007, after they met in Kenya while Ekkehart was on holiday. Their marriage was riddled with affairs, both of Armina’s children are said to have been with Jan D. and not Ekkehart.

September 2016, Armina A. and her husband Ekkehart H. were attacked at their home in what the police believed was a jealousy driven attack by Armina’s ex-boyfriend, Jan D.. Armina who at the time was in hospital in critical condition, claimed to have lost her memory and could only remember three men coming into their home that fateful evening when her husband lost his life after having his throat split with a machete. “It can’t be motivated by jealousy, must be something else”, Armina told reporters from her hospital bed on the motive behind the attack. (READ: Kenyan Lady in Critical Condition After Violent Attack in Ebersdorf)

A week after the attack, Armina told the Bild Zeitung that someone had been threatening her husband and had promised to kill him. She went further to even mention her immediate ex-lover, father to the five month old daughter, as a potential suspect. The police would arrest Armina’s ex-boyfriend Jan D. who confessed even before being taken into custody. (READ: Ex-Lover Arrested for Kenyan Lady’s Bloody Attack in Ebersdorf)

Almost a month after the attack in November, the police would find out that Armina was a key accomplice in the case. Barely healed, she was wheeled into police custody where she has been since. (READ: Kenyan Accused of Conspiring With Her Lover to Kill Her Husband)

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