New Laws and Regulations December 2016

Gesetz Laws

Haiya where did the year go to? Just the other day we were looking at the new laws that were coming into effect in January 2016. Anyhu, get ready for Christmas, but first, the new laws this month…

Paperless travels with TUI

TUI is doing away with its travel booklet for trips booked from 13th of December. Travellers will however to able to access their data via the TUI app


Deutsche Bahn gets more expensive

Deutsche Bahn will be increasing their ticket prices this month, the first time in the last two years. The tickets will increase from anythign between 1.3% to 3.9% depending on the ticket.

The cost of the Bahncard 100 in first class will increase by 2.9% while the second class one will increase by 2.4%.  However, the Bahncard 25 and Bahncard 50 will not be affected by the price changes.

Cancelling your ticket will also cost more with the fee increasing from €17.50 to €19.


Changes at DKB

DKB, one of the few online banks in Germany and best known for their low fees, will this month be increasing fees for some of the accounts. DKB will now classify accounts into active and passive. Active accounts which are accounts that receive at least €700 a month will no longer pay the 1,75% fee when using their VISA cards outside the EU. However, passive account holders will have to pay both the 1.75% fee on their VISA card as well as another 1.75% when they take out cash from their checking account.


Nutrition labels on low alcohol content drinks

Drinks containing alcohol content below 1.3% will from this month be required to have a label detailing what they contain from Fat, Calories, Unsaturated fats, sugar etc. This wasn’t required for drinks with an alcohol content below 1.3%.


New definition of illegal drugs

In an attempt to make it easier to regulate the spread of illegal drugs, instead of the earlier process of banning the chemical structure of a synthetic drug; from this month, they will be banning compounds e.g. Cannabinoid, Phenethylamine (PEA) and Cathinone. Ealier, they banned the chemical structure and most of the dealers would change part of the structure to avoid arrest. With this new regulation, they hope to reduce the spread of synthetic drugs or as Germans call them, Designer Drugs.


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