Kenyan Throws Tantrum, Injures Police Officer When Threatened With Divorce

Photo Credits: Rob Williams for The Morning Bulletin

A Kenyan man in South Tyrol threw a tantrum forcing police to be called in to help cool him off. It’s believed the tantrum was caused by a threat by his wife to divorce him.

A Kenyan couple was this weekend visiting Naturns in South Tyrol together with their child when the wife informed her husband that she would be filing for divorce. According to, the lady claimed to want a divorce because the man had been physically abusive to her and she wanted none of it. The site goes on to explain that the man infuriated by the news broke several items in the apartment they were staying in among them a cup, with whose shards he tried to attack his wife.

The police were called in and two officers were injured, the site reports. The wife and child were whisked away from the scene and taken to safety.

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