Kenyan Arrested for Attacking a Man with a Beer Bottle

African attacked at the Frankfurt Train Station
Photo from a different incident at the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof

According to a police report from Munich, a 35 year old Kenyan man was on Sunday morning at 1.55am arrested in Munich for attacking a German man at the train station with a beer bottle.

The 48 year old victim was at the train station taking pictures of the trains. The Kenyan man who was accompanied by a fellow African man, thought the German man was taking pictures of him. Angry, he told off the man for his bad behaviour then spit on the German man’s face. The German man angry at being told off, slapped the Kenyan man. The Kenyan man then took his beer bottle and hit the man’s head with it before running away.

Scared by the incident, an onlooker called the police on their cell phone and explained what was happening. Other onlookers had already moved in to offer first aid to the German man who by then lay on the floor groaning from the pain.

When the police arrived, they found the Kenyan man and his friend in a different section of the train station “chilling”. The police then requested to check on the man’s blood to ascertain whether or not he was sober. The man resisted and extra officers had to be called in to help arrest the man. One police officer was wounded in the fracas. The Kenyan man was finally arrested and charged with assault and resist of arrest.


Courtesy: Bundespolizeiinspektion München

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