Kenyan Arrested for Attacking Pensioner in Zurich

black man angry

Last week on Thursday the 23rd, the police were called to a scene at the Kalkbreite busstop in Zurich where they found  an 81 year old pensioner laying on the floor with severe head injuries. Upon arrival of the ambulance, the man was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment. 

According to the Zurich police report, the pensioner was walking crossing the road at the junction of the Kalkbreitestrasse and the Badenerstrasse, when he was attacked by the 24 year old Kenyan man. The Kenyan ran away right after attacking the man and ran towards the city.

Angered by the act, civilians sought out to find the man who was arrested by the civilians before being handed over to the police.

The police are still looking for witnesses who are ready to share what they might have seen on that day. The incident occured close to the Klakbreite busstop and the Kalkbreitestrasse and the Badenerstrasse junction , last week Thursday, the 23rd at 7pm.

Courtesy Stadtpolizei Zurich

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