Google Images Stereotyping African Children

Cute baby boy

While working on the concept for a magazine concept with this guy, we began to have a little argument about children.

I had suggested an image of a cute kid (above) and he immediately told me that that kid was “too cute to be Kenyan”. So we got into a little discussion about what Kenyan children really look like.

This inevitably became a question that was too difficult for our meagre minds. So we turned to the all knowing, all savvy, Google images. This is what we found:

Google image result for "Kenyan Children"

Fairly accurate. But someone immediately pointed out that they wondered how accurate this would be for other countries/regions. Below are the findings from our exercise.

European children are worldly and happy.


American children are diverse.


African children are hopeful and need help.


Asian kids do cute sh*t.


French children are stylish.


Praying and Playing. 🙂


Japanese kids love school.


Egypt is still largely documented by

Libyan Children
Libyan kids are peace loving patriots

It gets a little sad when you start going into other African countries.


South African



I’m somewhat surprised to see South Africa have such a dark results page. South African children have always been inspiring to me.

Anyway, this was a fairly random but somewhat insightful pet project that I thought I’d share.

Try it out and see how true it may or may not turn out to be.


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