Catch Auma Obama at the Deutschen Stiftungstag in Leipzig

Auma Obama
Dr. Auma Obama attending a performance by the Philharmonic in Essen

Dr. Auma Obama is back in town and this time, she’ll be at the Deutscher Stiftungtag, where she will be using her experiences at Sauti Kuu to advice on how best to achieve the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.

This year’s Deutscher Stiftungtag (German Foundation Congress) in Leipzig themed “the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development Opportunities and Challenges of the World Future Contract”, will have the honour of hosting Dr. Auma Obama, the founder of Sauti Kuu Foundation as well as Gerd Müller, Germany’s Federal Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development.

Through her work at Sauti Kuu, Dr. Obama is seen as a vital best practice that many organisations can learn from. In 2015, her foundation adopted an agenda to eradicate poverty and fight hunger, through helping young people become self-sufficient by giving them skills. Through her Foundation, Dr. Auma supports children and young people to acquire skills to shape their own lives, thus not becoming victims of their social system or environment.

Dr. Auma said that the development objectives of Agenda 2030 link principles of sustainability to economic, environmental and social development, something that was precisely at the core of “Sauti Kuu”.

Dr. Auma is convinced that “Encouraging Potential, not development aid is the right way to end inequalities, and to secure a good life for all”.

Among its initiatives, Sauti Kuu works on building young people’s self-esteem, strengthening the social capacity of disadvantaged communities, motivation, training in social and communication skills.

Sauti Kuu also supports the education of children and adolescents in the rural areas of Kenya. It also promotes sustainable economic development by helping small farmers to become economically viable.

The forum will discuss critical junctures on sustainability and social responsibility specifically: what the Agenda 2030 means for cooperation between public institutions and foundations and the refugee crisis.

The Deutscher Stiftungtag is one of Europe’s largest events for foundations that brings together hundreds of donors, founders, CEO and staff in a three-day event to learn, exchange ideas and network with each other. Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to attend according to the event website. Another highlight is the presentation of the German founder price to the Polytechnic Society Club. Around 1,600 donors and founders and other key persons are expected to attend, the discussions will also be followed on Twitter handle #DST16.

For those interested in attending, the Deutscher Stiftungtag, it will take place at the Leipzig Congress Centre from 11th to 13th May.

To attend the Lecture with Dr. Auma it is to take place

Date: on 12th May

Time: from 9:30 to 11:30

Venue: at the Congress Centre Level +1 Hall 3.  

Registrations can also be done online at

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