New Laws and Regulations May and June 2017

Last month we forgot to share the new laws so this month we’re sharing the new laws and regulations that came into effect in May and in June.


Consumer Laws

Safer Toys for kids

In an attempt to make children’s toys safer, a new law was put in place restricting the amount of some components in the toys. For example Finger colours will only be allowed into the market if they contain less than 5 miligrams of benzisothiazolinone per kilogram of colours. Also the use of formamide has been restricted as it causes infertility and may damage unborn children.


Less Nicotine in E-Cigarettes

E-Cigarettes will be required to use less nicotine. The cigarettes will be allowed to only have a maximum of 20 miligrams per mililitre. Companies producing these cigarettes will also no longer be allowed to add vitamins to the cigarettes in an attempt to make them “healthier”. This law came into effect on 20th of May.


Higher Costs for Landlines with Telekom

For those with a landline provided by Telekom, the price of keeping the line increased by an euro last month.


No Roaming costs in the EU

Finally, no more roaming costs for those travelling within the EU, Norway and Liechtenstein for those in Germany. From June 15th, you will be able to continue using your home tariff as your travel within the EU without any extra costs.


Transparency from Mobile Service Providers

As with financial products from banks or insurance companies, mobile service providers will be required to inform their clients better. From this month providers will be required to provide brochures with clear details on the tariff, cost of extra services, duration of contract, download speeds, renewal options e.t.c


Fines for Electronic Stores

Stores that sell consumer electronics will face hefty fines if they refuse to take back old electronics for disposal. From this month the fine will increase to €100,000. This will however be restricted to a maximum of five same appliances per person and will also apply to online shops with more than 400 square meters of space. The law requiring the stores to take back old appliances for consumers has been in effect since November 2015.


Labour Laws

Income Transparency

To ensure transparency and equal pay for colleagues, this new law will allow you to find out what your colleagues in the same position within the same company earn. The objective of this law that comes into effect from 1st of June will ensure equal pay for equal work. This will only apply to companies with more than 200 employees and will not apply to the specific details of what a specific individual earns.


Higher Minimum Wage

Leiharbeiter will from June be getting higher pay for those that were earning below minimum wage. The new minimum wage changes from  8.50 euros to 8.91 euros in East Germany and from 9.00 euros to 9.23 euros in all other federal states.

Painters (Maler und Lackierer) also had an increase in their minimum wage last month. The wage rose to €10.35 for the untrained and €11.85 for the trained in East Germany and €13.10 in West Germany.

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