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New Laws and Regulations February 2016

In Vitro Fertilisation

This month the changes are fewer than the last. This month the laws concentrated on students, consumers and couples searching for medical reproduction assistance.

“International Bank Account Number” (IBAN)

From this month onwards, the IBAN that was introduced a few years ago will be compulsory for those transferring money online, to do so using the 22-digit IBAN code. Although the IBAN and BIC were introduced some time back it was not compulsory. (READ: All You Need to Know About the SEPA Payment System)


Subsidized Fertility Assistance

Unmarried couples willing to get pregnant through artificial insermination or In Vitro Fertilisation, will now be able to get subsidized assistance. Under specified requirements, these couples will be able to get a cost of up to 12.5% covered for their first, second and third treatments then 25% for their fourth treatment.


Free Places at University

The German University Chancellors’ Conference (Hochschulrektorenkonferenz (HRK)) will this year avail the list of free university places much earlier on their website. From February 1st, applicants looking for possible positions to move to or apply for at a German Uni, may visit the site and apply. Use of the site is free and requires no registration.

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