Baden-Württemberg Aiming to Re-Introduce Tuition Fees For Foreign Students


The Southern State joined the rest of the other states and did away with tuition fees at all State owned and run Universities but now they want to go back to where they came from. The new plan is aimed at charging the foreign students from non-EU states.

If this plan is set to law as being encouraged by the Greens (Die Grünen), the foreigners from non EU states will be forced to pay €1000 per semester. The reasoning behind this idea is that most non-EU foreigners who come to Germany have wealthy parents who can afford the extra charges. This could mean a double digit million euro sum being collected annually.

If this law is passed in BW, BW will join Saxony (Sachsen) in allowing charging tuition fees to foreign students. In Sachsen the law has been there for a while but only the Music School in Leipzig actually charges a fee to foreigners, all others have not. (Read: Tuition Fees for Foreign Students in Leipzig)

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