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So you’re just about to graduate and you’re only left with the internship. You’d like to use the opportunity to gain experience and if possible travel the world and learn about working in a different country. Is it possible to get an internship while still in Kenya? Yes.
The first requirement though is usually that you are enrolled at a University before you apply for an internship, this not only makes it easier when applying for your visa, but also increases the avenues in which you can get an internship.

How to get the Intership

This will usually depend on your field of study.

For those in Engineering, Sciences and Agricultural studies can always apply through the IAESTE while those in Business or IT can apply through AIESEC. In Germany both of these are partly/wholly run by DAAD, this is an advantage as DAAD has the ability to waiver the Work Permit requirement for students who come through these 2 groups.

Other groups that offer internships are ELSA for lawyers and PAD for english teachers.

If you prefer to run the search yourself, then you can use the job boards: Finding a job in Germany


Visa Info

Of course to come to Germany for an internship you’ll need a visa. For those that apply for internships through DAAD, get a waiver for the work permit meaning they only get a stamp of sorts from the embassy to allow them to enter the country without having to fulfill the requirements of getting a Work Permit.

On the other hand, if you find your internship yourself, you can do everything independently including applying for the visa or you can ask the company you want to do the internship at to contact DAAD and they will waiver the work permit for you as well. But if you don’t want to get involved with DAAD and the whole process then you’d have to apply for the work permit at the Embassy in your home country. Basic requirement is you show proof of having the required €670 per month (multiply that by the number of months you plan to be in Germany to know the total you should have in your account.)


Language Requirements

These depend on the company’s policy. In most research institutions and international companies the official language is English while in smaller companies it’s German. Though some companies might be international but their main language is German e.g Hitachi, Thyssen Krupp. But this also depends on the department you work in. Ask for clarification during the application process.

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