115 – Guiding Through the Offices Jungle in Germany, People Abusing it


The thought of trying to find an office responsible for something can be a nightmare in Germany considering there are over a million offices and each having its own list of activities which aren’t usually very unique but the employees there never want to do anything outside that list.

Anyhu, if you have any issues and want need help in finding out the specific office in charge of your query, this is the number to call.


During a recent interview though with the FAZ and employee at the 115 offices, spoke about some of the questions most people ask when they call. Seems most of the pensioners have decided that is the number they should call when they need to chitchat, with some calling in to ask about the latest news or even asking to discuss the upcoming elections. Children on the other hand use the number to ask for help with their homework.

One lady used to call every morning and ask about her breakfast or her daughter. They would give her a short answer and she’d always be so grateful. Unfortunately, she stopped calling and when the 115 people called the nursing home where she lived, they found out she had died. Most people at the 115 offices miss her.

This reminds me of the 999 number that was recently reawakened and some people would call to ask about where their lovers went….lol….watch below.

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