Foreign Students to Pay Tuition Fees in Some German Uniz

Goethe Uni Frankfurt
Germany is a favourite destinantion for many foreigners solely for it’s affordable Uni system compared to other countries in the rest of the world. Unfortunately this might come to an end with some states deciding to copy their neighbours and introduce tuition fees for foreign students.

Many States had introduced tuition fees for all students but they retracted this law and tuition fees was removed, with the last state agreeing to do away with tuition fees being Bayern (read: No Tuition Fee in Bayern from Winter Semester 2013/14).

During the tuition fee era, some Uniz like Uni Bonn had a different payment structure for the foreign students at the Uni.

Sachsen is working on reintroducing tuition fees but only for foreign students. This will come into practice this winter at the Kunsthochschule in Leipzig which will require the non-EU foreigners to pay €1800 per semester. For the other Uniz in Sachsen, it has been left to their discretion to decide whether or not to introduce tuition fees.

Experts worry though that this might scare potential foreign students and this wouldn’t be good for the already crippling German job market that lacks professionals.

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