Kenyan Broadcaster at the DW Shares on Work-Life Integration in Germany

Caro Robi, radio journalist at the Deutsche Welle in Bonn.

How do you balance work, family and a social life in Germany without house helps and family members, Kenyan broadcaster spoke to DW to share her perspective.

Many families living in Germany can hardly afford paid help, let alone stay-in help. A major recalibration for many coming from Kenya and especially those coming with children. Although taxing, can be a major advantage for families. A family that shares in this is Caro Robi’s.

Caro is a radio journalist who currently works for the Deutsche Welle. You might know her from her days at the national broadcaster in Kenya, the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC). She moved to Germany’s former capital, Bonn for a new position. Her family would later join her and in came the balancing act.

Below is the interview with her family, featured on Deutsche Welle.

If you are interested in becoming a journalist and possibly joining the Deutsche Welle, this interview on QTV’s “Sema Nami” with Ken Walibora, will give you a great insight into Robi’s journey and her work at Deutsche Welle.

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