Movie: Kenyan Man Believes He’s German, Joins the Nazis


Refugees, foreigner, muslims have been the talk of most of Eastern Germany for the last couple of months. Well, here’s a movie to get you looking at the whole discussion differently.

A Kenyan man, Siku-Moja, moves to Germany and falls in love with a lady from East Germany. The lady falls pregnant and the happy couple visits the lady’s parents to share their news, something that doesn’t go down too well with the judgemental “nazi” in-laws.

(Here the older trailer, I find this funnier than the current one….)

An altercation reverses Siku-Moja and when he comes to, he thinks he is German. Walking down the street, he listens to some nazis complaining about the infiltration of foreigners into the society and how detrimental that is to the “purity” of German culture. Siku-Moja amazed by the view, joins the team and that’s where the movie really starts.Schwarze Nazi

Crazy humor and ridicule feels the 105 minute long film. Funniest parts are those, Siku-Moja in his black skin talking about how foreigners shouldn’t be allowed to remain in Germany. You’ll definitely laugh through-out this movie.

The movie aims at showing the nazis a different perspective to their behaviour, may be also ridiculing their actions, so that they can see how silly some of those views actually are. However, some people have critiqued the movie, saying it might just not get through to the target audience. That notwithstanding, you will have a real good laugh on this one.

The movie was funded by a Crowdfunding round, where well wishers contributed to make it a reality. Definitely worth it.

For more info on the movie or when it will be showing in your town, check the movie website here.

(The new trailer)

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