Kenyan’s Skeletal Remains Found 3 Months After she Went Missing

The skeletal remains of a Kenyan lady that had been reported missing since April has been found in Brandenburg.

On April 7th, the 32-year-old Kenyan Rita Awour Ojunge was reported missing after she failed to return to the asylum shelter in Höhenleipisch where she lived with her husband and two small children. An extensive search for her whereabouts began on 25th April and an appeal was sent out on all media platforms with no success. (READ: Kenyan Lady Disappears Leaving Behind Her Two Children)

Some time in mid month human skeletal remains were found in a forest near Hohenleipisch but it was unclear whom they belonged to. The prosecutor working on the case, told the press on Tuesday morning that he wanted to get more details from the police before he could confirm the identity.

On Tuesday afternoon, the press office of the South Brandenburg Police Department announced that the human remains belonged to the missing Kenyan. These had been handed over to legal medicine for review and DNA analysis. More information about the body and the possible circumstances of death were not yet available.

A thorough search with trained police dogs in a forest area close by to the ladies last residence was began on June 11th. What or who had tipped the police to search that specific area has not been made public.

The investigation into the circumstances of the death are to be conducted by a criminal investigation team.

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