Kenyan Lady Disappears Leaving Behind Her Two Children

A Kenyan lady went missing close to a month ago and the police and family are frantically requesting for any information on her whereabouts.

On April 7th at around lunchtime, Rita Awuor Ojunge took her two children aged one and half and four years old to the neighbour at the asylum shelter they lived in in Hohenleipisch, a small town right at the centre of Cottbus, Dresden and Leipzig. Considering this was a regular occurrence when she needed to run errands, the neighbour never thought anything of it.

Unfortunately, the 32-year old mother of two never returned since then. Ojunge was immediately reported as missing and the children were immediately taken under the care of their father.

On the day of her disappearance, Ojunge was wearing a black and white striped outfit with leggings and a skirt. She is about 160-165 cm tall, slender in shape, with black, medium-length, curly hair and a nose piercing.

Anyone who might have seen her or knows where she is can contact the Brandenburg police +49 3531-781-1227 or give the information on the police website here:

Alternatively, you can get in touch with:

Pauline: +4915140054045 or
Caroline Atieno: +4915217426108


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