Traveller from Kenya Found in Possession of Cocaine at the Frankfurt Airport

Cocain capsules                                         Picture source: Hauptzollamt Frankfurt am Main

A traveller coming in from Kenya was arrested at the Frankfurt Airport for possession of narcotics.

Customs officials at the Frankfurt am Main airport were first alerted of irregularity when they used sniffer dogs to check the luggage from a flight that had just come in from Nairobi. The sniffer dogs were drawn to a particular suitcase.

When the officials opened the suitcase, they were able to find 64-capsules stuffed in sneakers. A quick test at the airport laboratory found the capsules to contain cocaine.

The owner of the suitcase was unable to explain where he was travelling to or the reasons for his trip. After continued investigations, the nervous man confessed to be a body packer. He had swallowed 16 additional capsules, which were found when he was taken to a clinic for tests.

“In addition to the 64 capsules in his suitcase, the 38-year-old traveler had also swallowed 16 pieces. This resulted in a total of 80 capsules with a total of 1.1 kilograms of cocaine. This is a life-threatening risk, because if one of these capsules bursts in the body, it could turn fatale”, Isabell Gillmann, Press secretary at the Frankfurt am Main Office told the press.

The man who was arrested in on 9th July is still under investigation and remains in police custody. Due to the sensitivity of the investigations in this case, the police could only release this information last week to the public.

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