Kenyan Arrested for Attacking Police During a Protest in Berlin

Refugees Asylum Seekers Berlin Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule
Some of the protesters on the roof top of the former Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule in Berlin

Since the Lampedusa tragedy, there have been protests in Berlin and Hamburg involving asylum seekers seeking better treatment and housing. 

In Berlin there was a month long protest where asylum seekers camped outside in protest.

Due to increasing numbers of asylum seekers in Germany, some towns have been overwhelmed by the stream of newcomers. The existing homes set aside for them aren’t enough, some cities took to housing them in containers while others like Berlin housed them in schools.

45 people were put up in the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule in Berlin, among them a Kenyan lady and a Sudanese man.

This week hundreds of police officers were sent to the school. The police say they had gone to the school to clear up the emergency routes and make sure that incase of an emergency, all exits were clear and all those in the building would be able to make it out of the building alive. However, they also took the chance to arrest some people they had been following.

The 36 year old Kenyan lady and the 39 year old Sudanese man were accused of throwing stones at police officers during a protest held on 2nd July. The police also took the chance to investigate the matter further. Using a laser scanner, the police were able to calculate the energy of a stone thrown from the roof of the building. This information shall be used in court against the two.

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