Afrika Kommt Alumni Shares on the Program That Places Young African Professionals in Top German Companies

Sheila Mwanyigha a while back had a conversation with an Afrika Kommt Alumni, Lucy Wanjiku, to discuss the program, challenges and what she learned from being part of the program.

Lucy was part of the debut group in the program and she went ahead to start her own company, EcoCycle.

You might remember Lucy, from two other features we did on her: Afrika Kommt Alumni Making it Big in Kenya and AFRIKA KOMMT!!! Exchange Program for African Professionals.

Other Afrika Kommt Alumni we featured include: Peninah Mercy Wanjiku Migwi, Steve Ngatia MainaWillis Omondi Ogutu , Brenda OtienoJuddy Akinyi Otieno, and Lillian Kegera Mong’osi.

The last intake for the program was in February this year (Call For Applications for Afrika Kommt! 2017-2019), but look out for future postings here.

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