Kenyan Woman Arrested in Esslingen for Drug Trafficking


Last week saw a Kenyan lady arrested after investigations by police in Esslingen near Stuttgart put her in the midst of a drug-handling ring involving Africans from Kenya, the Gambia and Senegal.

The police in Stuttgart were in July this year, tipped by the state prosecutor to investigate on an African drug-handling ring established in the southern German city.

On Wednesday, a 26 year old Kenyan woman was also arrested in Esslingen near Stuttgart as part of the team. She was found to be carrying a kilogram of marijuana. The police believe that the lady was only acting as a trafficker and the marijuana belonged to the Gambian believed to be the ring-leader.

A day later on Thursday 4th of August, a 21 year old Gambian man was arrested as he tried to sell marijuana in public to a fellow Gambian on the streets of Stuttgart. The seller was found to be carrying 4000 euros in cash and 1100 grams of cannabis.

After the arrest of the two Gambians, the police went to search their apartment where they believed more narcotics were kept. On arrival, the police found one man, a 22 year old Senegalese, trying to escape through the window on the 4th floor. As they tried to save the man from falling, they found another had already used the same route to escape. The man that had earlier jumped off from the 4th floor, a 33 year old Senegalese man, broke his limbs and is currently in hospital. Another 22 year old Senegalese man was also found in the house asleep. The three were also arrested and charged with violation of the narcotics law.


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