Kenyan Movie Director, Judy Kibinge, in Cologne for African Films Festival

Judy Kibinge

Last year the Kenyan film, Something Necessary was released and toured Germany. If you missed it, you have a chance to catch the director of the movie, Judy Kibinge, tonight for a screening in Köln.

The movie will be screened at the currently ongoing, “Filme aus Afrika Festival” (African Films Festival) in Köln.

The movie, Something Necessary, is based on the struggles of a woman who loses her husband after the 2007 election violence in Kenya. The movie talks of the challenges faced by women who find themselves in intertribal marriages, widowed or in a war.

Who is Judy Kibinge?

Judy Nini Kibinge was born in 1967 in Nairobi and is an author, producer, and director. She was the creative director in one of East Africa’s largest advertising agencies before she decided to transition into working as an independent film maker.

She completed her first feature film, DANGEROUS AFFAIR, in 2002. The urban drama led to the new wave of contemporary filmmaking in Kenya. It was followed by short films and documentaries, of which many were nominated for the African Movie Academy Awards in Nigeria.

Judy Nini Kibinge also founded the East African Documentary Film Fund “Docubox”, which plays an important role in the region’s documentary film scene by providing financing and training opportunities.

In Cologne she is to present her internationally successful feature film SOMETHING NECESSARY.

Judy Nini Kibinge (Kenia)

Director of Kenyan Film, Something Necessary

Date: Saturday, 27th September

Time: 8pm (20:00Uhr)

Venue: Filmforum im Museum Ludwig

Bischofsgartenstraße 1,

50667 Köln


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