Kenyan Drug Addict Walks Away Scot Free After Attacking Swiss Pensioner

Swiss pensioner, Fritz Eichholzer posing at the Kalkbreite stop where he was attacked

A Kenyan man was given a lenient sentence after he beat an 83 year old Swiss pensioner almost to death.

23rd January this year, Fritz Eichholzer a Swiss pensioner was walking home after having drinks with friends. On his way home, he met with the 25 year old Kenyan man, Faki K.. According to the court reports, Faki kicked Fritz’s neck with full force.

Fritz doesn’t recall much of what happened that night and had to rely on the court reports. He couldn’t even remember the attacker. Fritz suffered injuries in his skull and had to spend 3 weeks at the hospital. Fritz couldn’t understand why Faki attacked him because Faki didn’t even steal his money.

Faki told the court that although he’s a drug addict, he is very sorry for what he did and begged the court for a second chance. “I’m very sorry for all I did. When I saw the old man lying on the ground, I knew I had something very wrong. I apologise for my actions”. Apparently, Faki was high during the incident and he could hear voices in his head that told him to hit the pensioner.

Faki begged the court for a second chance, “I want to change my life, and this time I will do it for my son’s sake.”

The court heard Faki’s plea and the judge charged him to only 4 months imprisonment and a fine of CHF 100. The judge explained that Faki was incoherent during the incident and therefore can’t be held accountable.

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