Why Schools in Bayern are Better than Those in NRW

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Bayern has been the economic and academic giant in Germany for a very long time. On the education, most states look to Bayern for tips on how to improve the quality of education they offer.

Here NRW, compares their school system to the Bayern one. The Bayern one wins as always, but there are still some good things in the NRW system as well.

  1. School system: The school system in Bayern is much easier to understand. It’s divided into Mittelschule, Realschule and Gymnasium. Unlike NRW which is more complicated with many other school forms inbetween.
  2. Ranking: Between 2009 and 2013, Bayern beat NRW 5 times while NRW beat Bayern only once
  3. Cancelled classes: NRW has no numbers, while Bayern knows that 1,5% of the classes are cancelled.
  4. Getting an Ausbildung: In Bayern 51,7% do while in NRW only 39% do.
  5. Class sizes: NRW has larger classrooms with 26,4 and 23,2 pupils a class in the primary and secondary schools respectively while Bayern has a bit smaller ones at only 24,3 and 21,5
  6. Budget: Bayern is quite generous with its students with each student being allocated €7100 annually, NRW only allocates €5600
  7. Drop-outs between the different schools: Most pupils who start school in Bayern actually go on to the next school, while in NRW for every pupil who proceeds, there are 6 who do not.
  8. Investment in building more schools: Bayern obviously investments more in building more schools and upgrading the already existing ones. The budget in Bayern was 1.1 billion while in NRW it was 300million in 2011
  9. Graduating: On this one, NRW beat Bayern. 59% of students in NRW get their high school cert while only 41.2% in Bayern do.
  10. Full day Schooling: 30.7% of pupils in NRW take advantage of the full day schooling while in Bayern only 10.5% do.
  11. Minimum high school cert: Pupils who drop-out before getting the lowest high school certificate. Both states didn’t do too well on this one. The current national average is 5.9% while NRW had 5.6% and Bayern 4.8%.

Why Schools in Bayern are Better than NRW

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