How, Where and When do I Register my Child for Primary School?


For many parents the school system in Germany looks complicated. This article takes a look at what is involved to register a child who is starting class one in September 2015.

Parents whose children turn six between 21 October and 1 November 2015 should have them registered at a public primary school located near their home between 21. Oktober und 1. November. For registration parents are required to bring their identity card or passport, the child’s birth certificate and any other documents that may be required.

Should parents feel the need to register their children for primary school a year later, they can get in touch with the education officers and bring with them the recommendation from the current child’s daycare that supports the parents postponing of their child joining class one at six years of age.


Which school should my child attend?

Parents who want to enrol their child in another school, which is further away from where they live still need to submit the application at the catchment area school and explain in writing why they would like another school for their child.

If parents want a different type of school for example full-day or half-day schools that may not be in their area, their child can be enrolled in another school in the district.

For parents who would like a particular school their child can only be admitted at the schools discretion and subject to availability of space. Parents who wish to enrol their child in a private school must first submit their application to the public school in their area first.


For early starters

Children who were born between 1st January  to 31st March are eligible to join class one earlier than their peers at the request of their parents and if they do not have any German language deficits.


After school care

Children who attend half-day school can go to the after school care club (Hort). For pupls who attend the full-day school there are care services offered after 4pm. However, parents have to pay for both the Hort and the after 4pm care services.

Parents who need these services can state this in their application for primary school enrolment form.

To be eligible for these after school care services parents have to follow similar procedures as the application for a daycare slot. Parents must prove that they need the slot because they are working and need to show their payslip or that they are undergoing training (Ausbildung).


After registration?

After a child has been registered the child has to undergo a  medical examination. The date of this examination can be found on application form. The school places are assigned by the borough/council school district office, which informs parents of their decision in writing.


School starts 

The enrolment ceremony usually takes place on a Saturday. Next year it will be Saturday 29th August 2015. Classes start on Monday 7th September 2015.


Please confirm the exact dates from your town/State. Every state has its own regulations.

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