Family classes for unruly kids and their Parents

This is a new project in Essen which is aimed at reducing the number of gangs in the school and help reform unruly kids.

Once a week, the children and their parents will attend a Family class at the school together with the teachers and a family coach from the SkF (Sozialdienstes katholischen Frauen). These classes will try and help the parents and children to deal with their issues, it is modelled after projects in the UK, Denmark and other States in the federation. The project will continue until the Summer school holidays then they will decide whether it will continue or not.

The classes will alternate between lessons and discussions with only parents and others for only the kids. The program aims at unruly kids and children who might be headed to a Förderschule. It will help the kids know their parents value them while the parents get to meet other parents with similar problems as their own.

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