Poverty in Germany – 25% of Children go to School Without Having Breakfast

A report recently released by the Ministry of Families (excuse the constant translations I use of the ministries, but I hope you get the drift…lol), revealed that the level of poverty in Germany is staggering. Out of the 14million children in Germany, 13% of them live on welfare (Hartz IV). Of these 25% go to school daily without having had breakfast, that is half a million children go to school without having breakfast.

Please understand my shock, first all nutritionists agree that breakfast is the MOST IMPORTANT meal of the day and for a child who is growing not being able to AFFORD this basic need is scary.
As the number of people living on welfare increases, so does the number of children living on welfare. Though many “outsiders” especially Africans might consider the amount given significant as per calculation into our currencies, the living standards in Germany are very costly thus making the few Euros unhelpful to many.

Many organizations like Immersatt and Tafel help reduce this problem by feeding the children in schools but they can’t ensure they feed these kids all the time, neither can they ensure they feed ALL the starving children.

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