Pediatricians use Facebook to reach the Teens

During this year’s youth medicine Messe in Weimar, the Pediatricians met and were busy discussing ways to improve how they offer their services to the teens through social media.

Apparently some teens will never have time to go for their check ups but are always on Facebook (….lol…sound familiar? Nachukia kwenda hosi). More than 30% of children aged 15 to 17 avoid going for check ups, this is a huge problem especially with the lower class.

The Berufsverband der Kinder- und Jugendärzte (BVKJ) has created a platform on Facebook where they can reach these teens. Of course this platform does not replace the traditional check up, and the doctors don’t diagnose the teens online but it does create a sense of privacy for most of these teens to ask questions they would never ask if they were at the doctor’s with their parents. The BVKJ has already received numerous questions through their Facebook page from youth aged between 12 and 24; this has definitely encouraged them to continue with this service.

The BVKJ aims to sensitize the youth through it’s page about issues concerning sex, sexuality, body fitness and media literacy.

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