Who Quarrel the Most in Germany?


I think my greatest shock in Germany must have been the constant squabbling and screaming when Germans get angry. Damn, someone will be perfectly normal one minute, then something goes wrong either on the computer screen or they make a mistake with whatever they are doing and our of nowhere, they start screaming, shouting and stumping their feet, usually shouting “Scheiße!!”…lol….I’ve seen gotten accustomed to it. 

I’ve come to learn they do it because according to them, it’s unhealthy to hold on to anger. So they let it all out. Seems it works for them because they scream and shout for 5minutes then they go back to “normal”.

Anyhu, some researchers decided to find out who squabble the most, thus the Quarrelling Atlas.

According to the research, men quarrel more than women and Berlin (26.2) is the quarrelling capital of Germany. The most peaceful are the Bayern people at 16.5.

Who Fights the Most in Germany

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