President Gauck Hosts Kenyan Students at the Schloss Bellevue

Mekaela Academies Mombasa, Gesamtschule Bremen Mitte

Pupils from the Mekaela Academies inMombasa, Kenya were recently hosted by the President in the presidential residence, Schloss Bellevue in Berlin.

The pupils togetehr with their German colleagues from the Gesamtschule Bremen Mitte were hosted in the Schloss Belle Vue by President Gauck for their Project. The group had come up with an idea to work on a project on how they would want the world to be in 2050. The title of their project: Wie wünsch ich mir die Welt 2050? – Gleiche und/oder andere Zukunftsvisionen in Kenia/Deutschland?

The team won the competition and were among 5 other schools that were hosted at the Schloss. They also got €5000.

The group of 15 Kenyan students and 2 teachers was in Germany for some weeks and were featured on Radio Bremen as they spoke about the two worlds. Watch them below:

Mekaela Academies was founded in 1993 by members of the German charitable society “Watoto e.V.”. It started with a handful of pupils and now prides itself of having thousands.

This is not the first time these two schools are working together. In addition to their annual exchange program, earlier last year, the children from GSM raised €23,000 to fund the Mekaela Academies under the patronage of Elombo Bolayela (the first African to ever be a member of the Parliament in Bremen).

You can watch the video below to learn more about the other winners and get to know more about the different projects:

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