How to Ensure You Ace your Interview at the German Embassy (Ausländerbehörde)


With so many people applying for German visas only for them to be declined, I believe there are a few factors that play a role in the declination. Here are a few tips for those planning to Apply for a German visa soon. Some of these also play a role when trying to extend your visa at the Ausländerbehörde.

PS: Never try to extend your tourist visa, not unless you’re in a coma and can’t travel. In all other cases, it’s safer to return home and apply for another visa OR simply apply for the 90day visa from the get go.

First Impression/ Appearance

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. The first time I applied for a German visa, I was advised to only wear a skirt while visiting the Embassy. According to my advisor, no one got visas at the Embassy if they came in trousers. Well, although that wasn’t (isn’t) true, I understand where my advisor was coming from. Be descent was her message.

When I last called the Embassy for my article, German Embassy speaks on Au Pair visas, I spoke to the watchman who reiterated this point. Too many girls go for the interviews dressed very skimpily and looking quite trashy. According to him, “Wanakaa mang’aa na ni ngumu wapewa visa juu hawakai kama watarudi” (They look well versed to the world thus don’t look like they will return once they get the visa). Germany might allow nudists and goths without judging them, but if you come to the Embassy (un)dressed like one, you’re sure NOT to get a visa.

Before leaving the house to go to the Embassy, please ask yourself: What are you wearing? What do you look like? Would you trust someone dressed as you are? Would you believe such a person?


Visa Requirements

Germans rarely have exceptions, rules in Germany are there to be followed NOT to be broken. Visit the Embassy website and find out the requirements needed for visa you would like to apply for. If they ask for a B1 Certificate, don’t go there with a A1 Certificate and hope they will make an exception for you. You should fulfil or have ALL the requirements, applying without them is setting yourself up for failure.In case of doubt, call their hotline and find out if some of the requirements can be substituted e.g. a language certificate in some cases can be replaced by a KCSE Certificate if you did German in high school.

Also, if you’re applying for a visa that requires some knowledge of German, expect your interview to be done in German, a certificate won’t be sufficient.



The Embassy itself recently released a statement condemning the continued use of fake documents by Kenyans applying for visas. (Read: German Embassy’s message to Au Pairs).

Use real documents.


Your Resumé (CV)

With relatives in Germany, some people complete high school sure they will come to Germany but without a plan B or C. Unfortunately, sometimes this doesn’t happen as fast as hoped for. Whether it is your mother, father, sister, brother or even friend promised to bring you to Germany, please have a back up plan. Go to school, learn something, take up internships, volunteer, do something not only will this help you in getting the visa but also in getting positions in Germany and subsequently planning your own life better even if you don’t come to Germany.

Probability of getting a visa when it looks like your life was put on hold to come to Germany is very slim. Germany is currently fighting the influx of “poor, lazy, uneducated” migrants coming to enjoy the social welfare offered here, so make sure your CV doesn’t make you look like a lazy migrant hungry for German welfare.

Do NOT put your life on hold simply waiting for the day you get a visa to Germany.


The Interview

This I believe is where most people fail in their application. You can have all the above, but the interview is what determines whether to get it or you don’t.

Germans tend to value honesty, even when it is not very fluttering. White lies, don’t work. Although, even if you believe  Germany is the promised land and coming to Germany will be the solution to ALL the problems you’ve ever had, avoid making this known at the Embassy. You might think it shows your pure dedication to Germany, but it reads, “Another immigrant coming to Germany for social welfare” aka “Armutseinwanderung”. Don’t be shocked to get the usual declination to your application with the statement “Applicant doesn’t show signs of returning to Kenya”. This also includes those that apply for a tourist visa then start talking about how attractive a future in Germany looks.


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