Former Boxing Champion going home

After a long time of planning and organising, the remains of the former boxing champion, Crispin Odera will be transported back home to be laid to rest. (Read the story here: Former Boxing Champion dies in Germany).

After the final meeting at Lucy’s last weekend and many contributions from the Kenyan and African community in Duisburg, Krefeld and other towns in and out of Germany, plus a donation of €1200 from Wilfried Sauerland a well known boxing promoter and manager in Germany; the organizing team will be able to transport the body back home.

According to the news I received from relatives back home, the body will arrive in Kenya on Thursday, 20th Dec to be received by the family. Unfortunately, the family is struggling with the transportation costs of the body from Nairobi to the final resting place which is planned to be in Kogelo.

If you would like to contribute to Crispin’s final journey and lighten the family’s load, you can contact the brother directly in Nairobi:

Claxon Odera – 0726 405 207
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