Looking for Next of Kin of Kenyan Lady Found Dead in her Home in Rostock


Another Kenyan lady has been found dead in her home in Rostock. The lady identified by the officials as Margaret Kalunde Grünke was found lying lifeless in her home on Tuesday December, 17th 2013.

According to the records, Margaret was married to Detlef Ewald Ernest Grünke. The officials haven’t been able to trace the man, who would have acted as the next of kin. 

The German officials are still looking for her next of kin or any information on her family either here in Germany or back in Kenya. If you have any information on who this woman is, who her family are or how her family can be contacted either here or in Kenya, please call the Kenyan Embassy in Berlin and share that information with Mr. Wamela (head of Consular matters):

0302592660 (available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm) or 0170-5653817 (available 24-7)

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