African Woman Killed by her 17 Year Old Son

African Woman Killed in Meerbusch Düsseldorf

An African woman in Meerbusch near Düsseldorf,  lost her life in the hands of her own son on Sunday.

The 41 year old mother of four was at home with her three children when her son came visiting. They quarrelled while standing along the corridor of the building and her son unleashed a kitchen knife with which he stabbed her several times.  During the argument,  one of the younger children woke up and watched as her mother was stabbed to death.  The boy,  on realising what he had done,  ran out of the building.

The young girl went to the neighbours to ask for help.  The neighbours called the police and an ambulance.  By the time the ambulance arrived, the lady had long passed on and nothing could be done other than pronounce her dead.  The police went out in search of the suspect whom they found at 7:40am.  He was still on foot, walking around the area.

The firefighters had to come and remove the children from the house through the window to prevent them from seeing their dead mother who lay on the corridor of the apartment building.  The children were not hurt,  apart from the 14 year old girl who saw what happened,  the others weren’t aware of what happened.

According to the police in Neuss, the young man has been quite troublesome for the last couple of years.  Early March he had attacked his mother, which  led him to being banned from visiting his parents’ home for ten days.  He had been arrested several times in relation to theft.

The three siblings (two girls, 5 and 14, and a boy, 9) have since been taken in by one of the mother’s friend.  The children’s father wasn’t at the home during the incident. According to neighbours he is currently in Africa visiting relatives,  although he doesn’t live in Germany permanently.

African Ghanaian Woman Killed by her Son in Meerbusch in Düsseldorf




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