Kenyan Lady Found Dead in Henningsdorf


A Kenyan lady was yesterday found dead in her house. The lady who is believed to be of Kenyan and Somalian origin, had been reported missing for the last couple of days before she was found lifeless in her home.

According to a source close to the lady shared that the lady had recently moved out from her Syrian ex-boyfriend’s house to her new German boyfriend’s home. She went missing after her move. She had left her passport at her ex’s home, which he returned to the Migration Office when he couldn’t find her or get in touch with her on her phone.

The lady known to most as Munira, has been living in Germany for several years as an asylum seeker. It is believed that her father was Kenyan and her mother Somali.

The German officials are investigating and trying to find the details on what might have happened to the lady.

The Kenyan Embassy in Berlin is looking for anyone with information about the lady and/or her family. If you know the lady or even who her family is, please contact Mr. Wamela at the Kenyan Embassy Berlin at:

0302592660 (available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm) or 0170-5653817 (available 24-7)

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