Program for the Apocalypse on 21.12.2012

For those that missed the memo, the world will be ending on Friday. So as always I’m here to keep you up to date, so here is the program for the day. Please print it out and make sure you don’t come later to the event:

Apocalypse on 21.12.2012

05:00 Waking up the world population with Bells and Sirens

06:00: Arrival of the Mayas

07:00 Arrival of Aliens

08:00 Arrival of the Presidents of the G8 countries

09:00 Arrival of Saints, Matyrs etc.

10:00 Singing of Hyms: “Highway to Hell” and “Adieu, mein kleiner Gardeoffizier”

10:30 Greetings and Speech by the Pope
11:45 Lunchbreak

13:00 UN General Assembly on the Apocalypse
15:00 Minute of Silence
15:05 Begin of the public ceremonial act
17:00 Buffet Opens
18:00 Departure of the Mayas

19:00 Fireworks display and a Football match between Brazil and the world’s choice

21:00 Departure of Archangels and Angels

22:00 End of Ceremony – Afterhour (Open Bar)

24:00 End

Usiwachwe nyuma……Niko na date so I’ll be a little late, so Kenyans in Germany mkifika muone milango zinafungwa na sijafika, please hold it open for me……or asking whoever is shutting to hold the door…..

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