Do students want to and can they stay after their studies?

Kenyan student
A survey involving 6200 international students in Germany, France, Sweden and the UK had these results.
  • Students who majored in Engineering and Sciences were more prone to want to stay than those who majored in Social Sciences. “It is easier for those in technical careers to stay than those in culture or language oriented careers”
  • 50% of the foreign students in the Netherlands felt most welcome, and would also want to stay and find jobs after their studies there. Those in France felt least welcome and in Germany only 30% felt welcomed
  • Very few of those asked planned to stay in their study country for more than 5 years. Most only wanted to stay for 1 or 2 years. “The myth that most foreign students use their studying opportunity as a chance to escape their home country doesn’t hold true for most students today”.
  • Their main reason to stay in the EU was mainly to gather international working experience. “There are many German companies in my home country,” the 32 year old Thai Engineering Student said, ” If I could gather some working experience before I return home, it would be a great advantage for me”.
  • More students from Africa, North and South America prefer to go back to their home countries unlike those from Asia especially India and China. Those least interested in staying are those from New Zealand, Canada, The US and Australia.
  • Most students were aware with the opportunities open to them after their studies as well as how to transition into the labour market, although in Germany more than 50% felt like they knew nothing or actually knew nothing about transitioning into the labour market in Germany.
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Original Article by Heike Sonnberger for the UniSpiegel.
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