Become Austrian After Only 6 Years

Austrian Passport

After a new law was passed in Austria, it will now be possible for interested foreigners to gain Austrian citizenship after only 6yrs. Some of the laws that were changed have been discussed below.

To gain Citizenship after 6years, the applicant should:

  • Have a job, pay taxes and earn at least €1000 monthly.
  • Have at least B2 level of German
  • Take the Citizenship test

For the applicants with a B1, then one needs at least 3years voluntary service. Applicants with disabilities can get the citizenship within 6years despite not fulfilling the criteria given.

For applicants with less than B1, it’s not possible to gain citizenship within 6years but after the usual 10years. To gain citizenship after 10years, the applicant needs:

  • Proof of intergrity
  • Proof that they can sustain themselves without welfare
  • Passing at least the citizenship test (Staatbürgerschaftstest)

Austrian fathers can now pass on their citizenship to their children out of wedlock, before only the women were allowed to.

Adopted children can get the Austrian citizenship more easily  before their 14th birthday.

Some critics from the FPÖ have argued that there should be a possibility to withdraw the citizenship within the first 3 years if the holder shows not to identify with the “Austrian identity”.

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