Dutch Hospice Seeking for Next of Kin of Terminally Ill Kenyan Patient

A dutch hospice is seeking help in locating the family of a Kenyan patient in their care since October last year. The illness has unfortunately made the patient unable to share these details with the hospice.

The Kenyan lady identified as Mary Ng’ang’a is believed to have been born on 25th January 1949. She has been living in Utrecht for several years and has no children or relatives in the Netherlands. Her last known address was in an apartment in Overvecht, also in Utrecht.

She was taken ill last year in October when she had a stroke, which made her paralysed and affected her speech and memory. She is unfortunately not in a position to share details about who she is, who her relatives are or who can be contacted.

Her friends from her church, the Dutch Baptist Church, and the workers at the Careyn Rosendaal, where she is receiving care are appealing to anyone who might know her or her family to help locate them.

Anyone with information can contact the: 

  • Careyn Rosendaal on +31 88 123 9988 or
  • the Dutch Baptist Church on +31307115380

Any information will be greatly appreciated.

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