Refugees Allowed to Work and Study Without Numerous Approvals

Duale Ausbildung

In most places as a foreigner, after acing the job interview all you need to do is show your contract to the immigration officials and you get your visa…..well not in Germany. In Germany after getting the job, you have to take the job description plus your contract to the Job Agency, they readvertise that job to try and get a German applicant who will be interviewed. If the German isn’t qualified enough and no other EU applicant can fill the position, then the agency approves your application and you go back to the immigration officials to get your visa. This of course doesn’t apply to the MINT professions that don’t require any Job Agency approval.According to the new law that comes to law on 1st July, refugees seeking asylum in Germany will have less hurdles as they try to study and work. The report issued from a Cabinet meeting says that the asylum seekers in Germany with a “Duldung” are allowed to apply for an ausbildung already after a year without having to get the approval of the officials.

For those looking for jobs, this is allowed four years after applying for asylum in Germany. Finding a job is also allowed without requiring the approval of the Arbeitsagentur (Job Agency) as it is right now.

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