Kenyan Lady Passes Away near Paderbon

Josephine Symalla

A Kenyan lady has passed away in Gehrden, a town near Paderborn in North Rhein Westfalia.

Josephine Symalla succumbed to aneurysm on Sunday, the 13th of September. Aneurysm is a condition that occurs when the when part of a blood vessel swells due to damage to or weakness in the wall of the blood vessel. As blood pressure builds up, the wall balloons out at its weakest point causing an aneurysm. As the aneurysm grows there is a greater risk of rupture – this can lead to severe hemorrhage, and other complications, including sudden death. People of any age and either sex can have an aneurysm although they are more common in men and people over 65 years of age.

Josephine just celebrated her 47th birthday last month on the 20th of August. She leaves behind a husband, a 6 year old son, Jeremy and a 3-year old daughter Joy, all from Gehrden and three older children (two daughters and one son) in Kenya.

You might remember her from a feature we did of her 2 years ago when she shared her experience on taking the Einbügerungs-crash-kurs in Bad Driburg, as she prepared to get German citizenship. She also shared on her hope to be able to bring her children from Kenya to live with her. (Read: “7 Days to Your Einbürgerungstest” Crash Course – Kenyan Shares her Experience)

May her soul rest in peace.

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